Necessary Documents

Ideally, before you file, you should start getting the following documents together. Your two last taxes, pay stubs for the last three months if you are working, copies of your bank statements for the past six months and if you own any property, like a house or a car, you should get property evaluations. The trustee assigned to your case will need these documents in order to review your bankruptcy petition for accuracy and completeness. Some trustees are more demanding than others, assume the worse and be prepared. Your lawyer will also want to review these documents before filing for the same reasons. Trustees do not like to hear that these documents are unavailable. You will need them so start the search as soon as possible. Of course, if there is an emergency such as a garnishment of your wages, you may need to file before you have all your documents in hand, but you may be causing your lawyer additional work in making amendments to the petition. This causes more work for the trustee and sometimes requires additional and costly appearances in Court. So try to get these documents. These documents are required whether you are filing a Chapter 7, 11 or 13 Petition.